WordFix | copyediting and proofreading services

Why use WordFix’s editing and proofreading services?

A business’s or professional’s reputation is influenced by the quality of the publications it generates. An editor or proofreader adds value to your business for the following reasons:

  • An independent eye will ensure that the message is conveyed effectively and clearly. It may also identify gaps in the structure which affect the publication’s flow and ease of use.
  • A writer can be too close to their work or may have looked at their work for too long to spot the errors.  A professional editor can step in and add the finishing touches.
  • A document or publication that is riddled with errors can be harmful to a business’s or professional’s reputation. A business or professional cannot afford not to have their documents or publications edited.

Not every writer is expected to be an expert in grammar and spelling. An editor or proofreader will assist you in these areas.

Types of publications

WordFix edits and proofreads print and electronic publications including:

  • higher education and professional development course material
  • technical  reports
  • corporate reports
  • research reports
  • annual reports
  • policies
  • codes of practice
  • financial disclosure documents
  • manuals
  • textbooks
  • marketing material
  • magazines
  • newsletters
  • websites